Quality & Tradition

Tequila - Over Four Centuries Of Ancestral Tradition.

To make the spirit so popular around the world while preserving the method used by multiple generations of 'tequileros', requires knowledge, discipline and love. That's what Centurión 1981 is all about

  • We adhere strictly to the ancestral method.
  • Exclusive High Quality Tequila
  • Made in the Amatitan community, also known as the land of tequila
Centurion 1981
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Centurión Tequila 1981 is made in the old tradition of ¨Mezcal Wine¨, with carefully selected agaves and using only natural ingredients.


Our Ancestral Method of Making Tequila

The community of Amatitan, located in the Mexican state of Jalisco, is well known for making tequila for generations. We honor that history by continuing the traditions of the ancestors who created a spirit worth every drop.



Everything starts from "Agaves" that are matured over 5 years, and collected by the finest "Jimadors" cutting the "piña" using a method passed down from generation to generation .

Cooking & Extracting

The sweetest Agave honey is created by placing the piñas in masonry ovens. This process ensures the best taste and aroma is preserved when extracting the sap, which is done by crushing the piña using an ancient mill called a "Tahona"



Water is essential during fermentation, and Amatitan's volcanic rock is ideal for this stage. Centurión 1981 ONLY uses blue agave aguamiel in the process, with NO OTHER added sugars. That´s how we can truly claim 100% Agave Tequila.


We bottle tequila at different stages. Our blanco version is bottled after distillation, while our añejo and reposado are aged in oak casks.